Strategic performance in numbers

The indicators and statistics presented in this table provide a snapshot of the Group’s performance over the last three years.

Growth focus area and financial ratios

Efficiency focus area and financial ratios

Quality focus area

Sustainability focus area

1 Waiver consent letters were received from the relevant banks accepting the breach of covenants for a period of 13 months from the Alliance Medical acquisition date.
2 Prior year has been adjusted as required by IFRS due to the rights offer to take into account the bonus element due to these shares having been issued at a discount.
3 Patient incidents: Unintended or unexpected events which could have, or did, result in harm – this includes medication, falls, pressure ulcers, procedure-related incidents, behaviour, death due to unnatural causes, burns, other patient incidents, patients absconding and other patient information incidents.
4 HAI: Combines all the healthcare associated infections determined according to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines – VAP, SSI, CLABSI, CAUTI and other infections associated with the hospital stay.
5 FIMTM/FAM: Weekly assessment of patients’ function, while in an acute rehabilitation facility.
6 MHQ14 efficiency: Patient reported feedback in a mental health facility.
7 The calculations differ from the other areas:
– HAI: total number of HAI/total number of patients x 100%.
8 These figures are based on best estimates using available information.
A The 2017 indicator is externally assured. arrow
B The 2016 indicator is externally assured. arrow
C The 2015 indicator is externally assured. arrow